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El Salvador Donation

Linfield U.C.C., with the help of some other donors, sent $2300 to Oscar Rodriguez, our partner in El Salvador.  This money was collected to help families who had been devastated by a fire.  Oscar will provide some much needed food supplies to many of these families.

Oscar has set up a program for giving two (2) healthy, vitamin filled meals per month to each of the 68 students at the school in San Juan II.  These kids get nothing but a tortilla and a few beans most days.  These meals will begin to help the kids become healthier.  The video is showing the first meal we are providing.  The kids are those students at San Juan II.

They will use the rest of our donation to buy food for the particular families who are still in need of food.

*They are providing two good meals per month to the students for the rest of the school year (year is over in October).  It costs about $90 to feed the 68 students at San Juan II each time.