El Salvador Project

Linfield U.C.C.  has recently joined a project to build homes for poor people in El Salvador; people who, to this point, have never lived in a home.  Linfield Church will be joining a group of folks from various U.C.C. Churches, who have worked with these people in El Salvador for the past 15 years.

In addition to the habitat-style project that we have had for so long, the people of Linfield U.C.C. will also be providing nutritional support to school children living on the far side of a volcano.  These children range in age from 3 – 14.  Normally, they eat a only few beans and some rice each day.  Our goal is to provide a substantial meal to these children at school once a week.  This meal would probably be a rich chicken soup with lots of vegetables and tortillas or bread.

The approximate cost of that meal would be $120 for a week’s meal once a month.  This amount would provide a nutritional meal for the approximately 80 students at the elementary school in the village of San Juan II.

You can help these families help themselves by supporting the El Salvador Project through the Linfield U.C.C. Church.