churchpicLinfield Church can be traced as far back as 1862 with the gift of land from Jefferson March. This was the seed of our growth. On June 4, 1886, our church officially became known as the Reformed Church at Limerick Station. Then, on July 6, 1891, the church was incorporated as the Linfield Reformed Church, reflecting the change in name of the town. We remained the Reformed Church until June 1934, when the Reformed and Evangelical churches merged. This union remained in effect for 23 years until, in June of 1957, the Evangelical and Reformed Church merged with the Congregational Christian Church to become what is now known as the United Church of Christ.

The first resident minister of the parish was the Rev. John A Mertz who shared his charge with the St. Vincent congregation of Chester County. This was known as the St. Vincent and Limerick Station Charge. By 1921 the St. Vincent charge was dissolved and Linfield shared its pastor with the Shenkel congregation. In 1953 Linfield received its first full-time minister, the Rev. Albert E. Teske.   Linfield Church as been served by 24 pastors.

The original church structure was completed in the fall of 1878. The church building has grown to accommodate an expanding congregation. These changes included a church school extension in 1940 to house a growing Sunday School. In 1958 the sanctuary was expanded and Christian Education rooms were added. The illuminated steeple and large stained glass window were part of this expansion project. A new chancel area was designed in 1965, and the old pipe organ made way for a new electric organ. In 1969 a two-story addition was completed to provide additional educational space, replacing the “church house” which was torn down. In recent years, improvements have made the building accessible and the sanctuary was air-conditioned in 1999.