El Salvador

We have an on-going mission to El Salvador.  We work in the tiny villages around the area of Alegria in the state of Usulutan.  One of the villages we support is an isolated village and school located near the top of a volcano.

The people of this village have little or no work.  The school children have many needs.  We supply them with a very hearty, hot lunch twice per month.

For more info about this project, please ask Rev. Neilsen or one of the other members of the mission group.

Usulutan in El Salvador

Drug Addiction Outreach

Our latest mission/outreach project is to develop a forum, discussion group to help people deal with the terrible drug problem that is seriously affecting our country, our community.

We are just in the beginning stages of this project, gathering info and working out a plan.

Any suggestions or contacts would be greatly appreciated.


Previous Projects

Pill Bottle Collection

For the past few months, we have been collecting empty pill bottles.  A group in Indiana, The Malawi Project, had requested these bottles for people in the impoverished country of Malawi.  The organization has clinics there, but nothing to give the people to put pills in for their long journeys from the clinics to their homes.  We collected hundreds of bottles.  The Indiana group collected over 2 million bottles to help these people.

Women’s Shelter Collection

In the past month, the congregation collected personal hygiene items for St. Mary’s Women’s Shelter in Phoenixville.  We collected at least 50 packets.  These will be greatly appreciated by the women

Please contact Karen Bolonski at 610.495.5411 for further info or to join us with any of theses projects.